Gorakhpur: The recurring affliction of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and consequently high death rate has brought to light the ground reality of government vaccination programme in Uttar Pradesh.

Out of the 2,545 JE patients who were admitted to Nehru Hospital of Gorakhpur Medical College, 2,537 patients denied to get JE vaccination. Surprisingly, the state government has claimed of 99.03 percent vaccination of 6790820 children in the Gorakhpur region.

Although JE has wreaked havoc in the region, the governments at the Centre and state are constantly passing the buck. Recently, the Union Minister of Health Gulam Nabi Azad raised questions on the Mayawati government over lackadaisical approach to tackle the JE in the state.

The Health Minister on his visit to Gorakhpur apprised media of the vaccination programme conducted by the Centre in Gorakhpur-Basti division in 2006 and 2009. He alleged that due to negligent attitude of the state government people could not have access to the vaccination.

Meanwhile, in its rebuttal to the Central government, Mayawati claimed that the state has not yet received funds for providing potable water in the region.