Filing his evidence by way of affidavit before the court-appointed Local Commissioner, Tiwari said "I was not having any kind of relations with the defendant 2(Ujjwala Sharma) especially physical, emotional or even sexual."

"It appears the entire suit has been brought up out of the deep-rooted conspiracy hatched by my political opponents so as to settle political scores,” he said.

On a law suit filed in 2008 by Rohit Shekhar, 32, claiming Tiwari as his biological father, the high court had directed the former Andhra Pradesh Governor to give blood sample for DNA test.

Tiwari had given blood sample for DNA test on May 29, 2012 at his residence in Dehradun following the Apex Court's order in the case, after repeatedly contesting against undergoing the test on various grounds.

In his affidavit, 88-year-old leader Tiwari said that ‘the plaintiff is not my natural son out of any physical, emotional or sexual relations with his mother as I was having no relations of whatsoever nature at any point of time with her’.

Tiwari rejected the DNA test report against him saying "mere placing on record the certified copy of the DNA test report is not enough. Even the test was not conducted according to requisite requirements of conducting the same. I, therefore, deny the same."


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