Mohali cricket match between India and Pakistan appears to have written a new chapter in the diplomatic history of both the nations. Meeting between the Prime Ministers of both the nations, while watching the most popular game of the subcontinent, has opened a new vista to improve the neighbourly relationship. The way both the nations are giving thrust on improving ties after the meeting between Manmohan Singh and Yousuf Raza Gilani, and prior to that Home Secretary-level talks had decided that an Indian team probing the terror attacks on Mumbai would visit Pakistan—all this has created an expectation that Pak leadership is shedding its adamant pretentiousness, but it cannot be concluded that our neighbour is honest enough in resolving Indian worries. The manner in which Pakistan after a long time allowed the visit of special team probing Mumbai attacks expresses that earlier it was deliberately non-cooperating with India. In this context, this fact can also not be denied that the investigation against the terrorists who hatched the plot of Mumbai attacks is mere an eyewash in the name of probe. The way this probe is going on seems to stretch for years together. This should be understood that bitterness of the past should not shadow the improvement in bilateral ties, but the incident of Mumbai attack is such an issue which can not be forgotten.
Now the fact is that the Mumbai attack no more agitate Indians emotionally so much by the passage of time, but whenever it comes into discussion the countrymen obviously feel the pinch that India could not do anything against the guilty, and Pakistan is not ready to understand India’s concern. Pak is taking recourse to different pretense in the name of taking action against those who were responsible for the Mumbai attacks. Unless Pakistan leaves this attitude, there is no reason to believe it. In the given situation also, it would be foolish to trust Pakistan. The history is replete with facts that whenever the effort has been to build a trust, it has stabbed in the back. Kargil war and attack on Indian Parliament are the living examples of it. In its effort to improve relationship, India has forgotten the trauma of past. Atleast this should not recur. Not also because, the political leadership there does not appear to be strong. Everybody knows that even elected government in Pakistan is compelled to function under the Army. This is also very much evident that Pak Government is unable to confront its internal challenges. Therefore, in the process of improving ties with Pakistan, utmost precaution should be taken at every stage. India has to make it very obvious that whatever effort is being made is more in favour of Pakistan. Through cricket the diplomatic effort on part of India can only take a concrete shape, when the Pak leadership will not only understand India’s worries, but will also express honest effort in solving them.