The inconsistencies in the statements of Superintendent of Police Salwinder Singh, his cook Madan Gopal and his jeweller-friend Rajesh Verma, regarding the same incident have made investigators curious.

This has led to the SP being put under the scanner. The  National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been questioning all three since Tuesday evening. One of the discrepancies in their statements is regarding the number of terrorists. While Verma, who travelled the most distance  with the terrorists, said there were four terrorists, the police officer and his cook said they were 4-5 terrorists.

Another inconsistency was about the terrorists hitting them with rifle butts. While Verma and the cook had bodily injuries, the SP had none. Also, the SP claimed that he could not hear much of what the terrorists were talking among themselves.

Verma stated they talked to their "commander" and addressed each other as "alpha" and "major". Investigators are baffled by the fact that the terrorists killed the Innova taxi driver, Ikagar Singh, by slitting his throat and  stabbing him and also attempted to slit the throat of the SP's friend Verma, leaving him with injuries.

Why did they spare the SP, who had not a scratch? The police officer, Salwinder Singh, is claiming that he and two others were stopped in his Mahindra XUV and abducted by 4-5 heavily armed terrorists near Kolian village on Dec 31 night around 11.30.

He claimed that he and the cook were dumped in a drain in a forest area by the terrorists after some distance, unharmed, but with their hands, legs and mouths tied.

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