"Whenever there is a terrorist attack on India, then there is no need to search for the culprit or find out which country they belong to. We can close our eyes and say that Pakistan is responsible. This attack is a matter of great concern as it was on a sensitive area", Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut.

Maintaining his stand against Pakistan, he said that this attack was proof that talks and terrorism could not go hand in hand.

"What happened today is what we feared for so long. The Shiv Sena has reiterated time and again that dialogue with Pakistan and terrorism can't go together and now peace talks are happening. The Prime Minister suddenly went to Lahore and it felt like the situation would get better, but it didn't", Raut said.

He alleged that after Kashmir, Pakistani terrorists were now 'targeting' Punjab and this was the biggest 'threat' to India at present.

"Peace in the valley has been destroyed. ISIS and Pakistan flags are being openly displayed. Will Punjab meet the same fate? Even today we maintain that Pakistan needs to be responded to in their same language", the Shiv Sena leader said

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