The school not only sets up such labs but also provides training to teachers and students in operating the laptops that have been provided with the hope of creating new opportunities for the children.

Three more schools have been identified - Govt Middle School, Sakatpur; Govt Boy’s Primary School, Badshapur; and Govt Girl’s Senior Secondary School, Badshapur – for providing such facilities.   

The perimeter is ever widening as Pathways reaches out to the far flung areas to make a difference in more and more lives.
Pathways also made contribution to the infrastructure of the school by providing toilets and making repairs, creating water tanks and improved fittings, wall painting (Round Square Initiative) installation of a library including the furniture and the books, stage construction as well as constant supply of drinking water.

Sports is one such other priority that Pathways has placed above all else. Pathways has always encouraged students of GMS, Baas, to actively involve themselves in the field of sports.  

As a result, to maintain rigour and consistency in the students’ performance, PWS’s student body headed by the Interact Club has been organizing annual Inter-school Village Athletics Meets since 2009.

Even the infrastructure of the school was benefitted when PWS organized a Round Square Summer Project in 2011 to reconstruct a periphery wall to the compound of the school.


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