Patna: Don’t be surprised, if you find only eight types of medicines in the stores of the Nalanda Medical college Hospital in Bihar. It shows the state in a poor light as far as the health facilities are concerned. On the contrary, the health committee of Bihar has allowed a sanction of more than 400 such medicines which is clearly manifested from the list put up by the hospital authorities.  After check up at the OPD of the hospital, patients have to queue up at the medicine centre where they have to face a tough time in purchasing medicines.

The patients’ kith and kin get disappointed after coming to know that the medicine they asked for was not available at the distribution centre of the hospital.
Relatives of the patients expressed their anger when they failed to find medicine in the hospital store on Monday. A few patients namely Indu Kumari from Bakhtiyarpur, Kaushal of Daniawa, Shankar Prasad from Lodikatra and Buchia Devi of Ranipur said that they were told about the non-availibility of various medicines at the counter after their turn came and that too after a long wait.

Most distressing is that two notice boards of the hospital informing about the availability of medicines dated back to May 2. It seems as if the hospital authorities have no time to update the lists.

On the other hand, patients as well as their relatives informed that they are being compelled to return empty handed from the counters. As a result, they are purchasing medicines from outside. Also there is a dire lack of life saving drugs. Moreover, medicines for the treatment of diarrheal disease are also not available in the hospital. Relatives of patients are given the list of medicines to be purchased in an illegal manner which they manage from outside.

Clarifying the stand of the hospital, the superintendent of the hospital Shiv Kumari Prasad said that an order has already been given to supply medicines to the relatives of the patients after money was paid to hospital authorities.

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