Bhopal: What has come as good news for the patients in Madhya Pradesh that they will now be treated by machines in medical college hospitals in the state. Doctors will no longer be required to flip through files to enquire about the patients health condition and their status.

They will no longer be required to go through the records as to which doctor has prescribed what medicines and from which doctor they have got themselves examined. It also includes when to visit the concerned doctor again and moreover what is the test report. A process to make all the six medical colleges online has already been started.

Now every detailed information about the patient will be available on a single click of the mouse. A private IT company has even given as many as four presentations in this regard. As per Director, medical education (DME), Madhya Pradesh, Dr SC Tiwari, a process to make all the medical colleges online is in full swing and Medical Education Directorate can go for some changes in its software as per its requirements.

Those patients visiting OPD wards will be given a card containing all their details including -- OPD numbers and other important informations –medicines prescribed to the patients, tests, disease for which they are to be treated will be saved in his ID.

Moreover, test reports, including X-ray, will also go on-line.

By the time the patient is brought before the doctor, his entire case history will appear before the doctor through a special OPD number allotted to him.

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