Bhopal: It is time for doctors of government hospital to pull up their socks as the health department of Madhya Pradesh has come up with a novel initiative which provides the luxury to patients to assess the performance of doctors and hospital.

Sources opine that if implemented properly, the future of hospital authorities will depend on the certificates issued by the patients. The project has been launched in all the government hospitals from July 1.

According to the latest directions issued by the Health Department, each day the performance certificates would be taken from 10 patients visiting the government hospitals. Out of the ten patients, five would be from OPD and five from the in- door section of the hospital. Through these performance certificates, the hospital authorities will know about the view of patients on the treatment given to them.

The Health Department is of the view that from this initiative, the hospital would be able to access itself and also know its shortcomings in rendering services to the patients.

Health Department Commissioner, JN Kansotiya said, “This programme has been initiated under the Hospital Activities Training Mechanism Department. The main intention of the programme is to make the hospital aware about its quality of services provided to patients.”

Other than taking the feedback from the patients, the hospital would also prepare a check list of its available resource. The checking would include the inspection of projects related to the hospital, equipments and materials.

In addition, to address the grievances of patients, a complain box would be placed inside the hospital premises.