There are cases of misuse of concession facilities meant for patients by unscrupulous elements which is not only causing revenue loss but also depriving genuine passengers of the tickets, said a senior Railway Ministry official, involved with making changes in the ticketing system.

Concession meant for patients specially cancer patients for whom it is 100 percent, is being cornered by getting doctors' certificate fraudulently, the official said.

Railways will verify the genuinity of doctor's name, registration number and other requirements before issuing a unique identity card which will have an interface with the ticketing system.

Verification system has been strengthened to prevent misuse of concession facilities so that only genuine persons get the benefit, the official said, adding, the design and security features of the proposed I-card has been finalised and to be issued shortly.

The I-card will have a number which can be used for booking e-tickets also.

"The details and genuinity of patients in various category will be examined thoroughly before issuing the I-card to the patients and once the I-card is issued, the tickets can be booked online also," the official said.

Cancer patients travelling alone or with an escort for periodic check-up is eligible for 75 percent concession in AC Chair Car and 100 percent in Sleeper Class and 3AC. For 1AC and 2AC, the concession rate for cancer patient is 50 percent.

According to rules, an escort for cancer patient is eligible for availing the same element of concession except in Sleeper Class and 2AC where it is 75 percent.

Besides, patients of thalassemia, heart surgery and kidney transplant operation travelling alone or with escort are also granted 75 per cent in 3AC, Sleeper Class, Second Class and AC Chair Car while 50 per cent 1AC and 2AC.

One escort is also eligible for the same concession.

Haemophilia patients travelling for treatment are eligible for 75 percent in Sleeper, 3AC, and AC Chair car and the escort travelling with them is also granted the same concession.

TB and non-infectious leprosy patients are also eligible for 75 percent in Sleeper including an escort with same facility.

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