New Delhi: You will have to cough up more if you undergo treatment in the private ward of AIIMS, as the hospital authority has decided to charge patients for all facilities like food, medicines, soap, clothes and visiting doctors.

AIIMS Deputy Director (Administration) Vineet Chaudhary said that a decision to revise all the existing fees was taken after consulting the heads of all departments, which will come into effect immediately.

Under the new provision, an average amount will be charged from the patients before they are admitted. This money will be kept in the account of private ward, which will be used for the expansion of the ward.

There are altogether 160 private wards in AIIMS. To date only room rents were charged from patients on daily basis and they were given special facilities in this rate only. But with the new rule, patients are supposed to pay for all the facilities.

According sources, for deluxe ward patients had to pay Rs 1,700 which will be now Rs 3,000. Private semi-deluxe ward will cost Rs 1,700 against Rs 1200. A patient will have to fork out Rs 1,200 for private general ward, which charged him Rs 700 earlier.
No extra amount was taken from patients for surgery in general ward but they will have to shell out from Rs 2,000 to 5,000, according to new provision.

Sources said, patients will be charged even for cardiac and neuro -surgery. They will have to pay even for X-ray and ultra –sound tests. The charge of pathological tests has been increased from Rs 150 to Rs 1,000.

(JPN\ Bureau)