New Delhi: President Pratibha Patil on Wednesday said all countries were facing the impact of global economic instability and there were questions about how growth and resources will be shared in an equitable manner.

In her address to the nation on the eve of the 63rd Republic Day, the President conveyed her greetings to all citizens of the country for their contribution to nation-building.

The President said forces of globalisation had created an interlinked and interdependent world and no country exists in isolation. "All nations, developed and developing, are facing the impact of global economic instability, as well as problems of unemployment and inflation in varying degrees," she said.

She said aspirations of people were rising coupled with their expectations of immediate solutions."We are observing an information explosion and ever-newer technological inventions.

These have altered lifestyles and there is also a growing quest for materialism.

There are persistent questions about how growth and resources will be shared in a more equitable manner. There are worries about the direction in which the human community is heading in this age of globalisation, knowledge and technology," she said.

She conveyed her special greetings to the armed forces and para-military forces who guard the frontiers and her best wishes to internal security forces and civil services.

Patil expresses concerns over gender discrimination

Holding that the status of women is an important indicator of progress in a society, President Pratibha Patil called for removing social prejudices that have led to gender discrimination in the society.

Patil said social evils like female foeticide, child marriage and dowry must be eradicated.

"I strongly believe that women need to be drawn fully into the national mainstream. Empowerment of women will have a very big impact on creating social structures that are stable. An important component of women's development is their economic and social security," she said."

Social prejudices prevalent in our society which have led to gender discrimination need to be corrected," she added.