New Delhi: Police have intensified its patrolling in Delhi University campus to ensure that students are not harassed by eve teasers.

"A series of anti eve teasing measures like intensified patrolling are being taken at Delhi University campus to ensure safety and security of students as a new academic year is beginning," Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said in New Delhi on Friday.

Addressing the orientation programme at Ramjas College, he assured students that all steps will be taken by police to ensure their safety.

He also spoke about the initiatives taken by the police in improving the interface with public.

Kumar, who was recently appointed as the Delhi police commissioner, said energies of the youth must be channelized in the right direction otherwise they would end up becoming liabilities for the country.

He listed some of the initiatives undertaken by the police department for under privileged children and depressed young adults residing in resettlement colonies.

He said these children and adults are made to participate in sports, painting competitions, workshops and literacy programmes.


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