New Delhi: In a major development in the field of agriculture, 40 scientists of Indian Council of Agriculture Society (ICAR) have been selected who will work on problems plaguing the agriculture sector of the country.

The scientists met Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar here during a two-day meet organized to discuss various trends in Indian agriculture.

Pawar asked them to work on inventing new methods to increase agricultural productivity.

During the meeting, issues related to increasing the agricultural turnover, immediate problems of Indian agriculture and maximizing the productivity of important seasonal crops were discussed. Moreover, animal husbandary, pisciculture and dairy were also the areas of discussion.

Discussing the methods for increasing productivity, the scientists suggested carrying on project-based researches in agriculture sector.

Subsequently, the scientists working with different agricultural organizations were asked to take over specified project works in order to support the cause.

The study regarding problems of yellow rusting, seed-borne diseases in pulse crops, pest attacks on the harvest and other crop-related problems were some of the areas were suggested to be included in the project work.

According to the sources, the agricultural projects will be discussed with the Planning Commission in the first week of October so that plan regarding agricultural sector could be appropriately included in the 12th Five Year Plan.