"After Balasaheb's death, you (media) wasted a lot of ink on contemplating the future of Shiv Sena. But, Uddhav has proved you wrong. He is doing well to strengthen the party which is more than expected. He is working hard," Pawar said, adding that success or failure in elections is a different matter.

Replying to questions, Pawar disagreed that the massive mandate in favour of BJP under Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha elections is a threat to regional parties.

"Regional parties came up because national parties neglected regional aspirations. Regional parties will continue to gain strength," the veteran politician said.

Responding to a query on former prime minister H D Deve Gowda's remarks that regional parties should come together to counter national parties, Pawar said there was no such proposal for a non-Congress, non-BJP front as yet.

"I have not spoken to Deve Gowda of late. If something materializes, it could be considered," he added.     

Ahead of poll, the two main alliances of Congress-NCP and BJP-Shiv Sena had collapsed, keying it a four cornered contest.

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