"Last time, when we got lesser seats than Congress in Lok Sabha polls, they said they should get more Assembly seats to contest. We should remember it this time when we sit to discuss seat sharing," he said.
"We should not lose time in finalising seat sharing with Congress and start preparations for Assembly polls," Pawar said while addressing a meeting of party functionaries here.
"While finalising seat sharing we should remember that we have won more seats...our position has improved," he said.
During the last Assembly polls in 2009, NCP had contested 114 seats compared to 174 by Congress in the 288 member House.

In the recent Lok Sabha polls NCP won four and Congress two seats in the state.
Pawar also lamented that despite decisions like food security act it is a reality that they did not get the success they were expecting.
There was a seven month delay in implementation of the scheme in Maharashtra, he said.
He also mentioned decisions like Rajiv Gandhi Health scheme and provision of low interest loans which failed to enthuse voters.
"We will have to go into the causes. We have to go to people. We have to avoid vulgar display of wealth. We have to foster commitment to people afresh," Pawar said.
“After June 15, party leaders should go to districts and hold rallies and meetings with various strata of the society, he said.
“We have to take certain long term steps. We have to plan effective ways to celebrate Babasaheb Ambedkar 125th birth anniversary,” he added.


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