Anna Hazare who once electrified the nation for standing robust against corruption has again stormed the national capital by staging one-day stir in order to mount pressure on the government, which has been dilly-dallying to adopt a powerful anti-graft rule, to make an effective legislation that could ensure security to whistleblowers. The prolonged delay of the ruling dispensation to come up with such legislations will definitely spur the corrupt elements. There is no merit in the proposition made by a Congress general secretary that making a rule is the job of the legislatures, because everyone knows this fact. The moot point is those who are the part of legislatures must realize that they have paramount duty to deliver best impeccably with all probity. There is a profound irony that despite tall promises, Lokpal Bill has not been passed in the House. Even in this current session of the Parliament, it seems unlikely that the anti-graft bill would be passed. Mere government’s commitment to make effective arrangement to safeguard whistleblowers would not suffice. Rather, nation wants to see it in action.

It is intriguing, why the Congress-led UPA government, speaking volume for fighting against graft and malpractices, is showing lackadaisical attitude to frame effective law to checkmate episodic corruption which has dented the image of the nation. Not only corruption, rather there are umpteenth issues in which the ruling establishment should have shown its proactiveness. The nub of the problem is why does the government feel handcuffed in bringing reforms across the board to make the country vibrant? This is not an issue that what is the take of Anna Hazare and his entourage in the context of containing rampant rots in the system, rather the significant point is that the Team Anna has time and again raised the issues which should have been top priority for the government. The Central government has every right to shrug off the modus operandi of Team Anna, but it cannot recoil from its assurances which have not been translated into action so far.