Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that while Chidambaram was "free" to make such claims, the economic buoyancy witnessed in the country is the reflection of the action taken by the Narendra Modi government.

"It doesn't matter what Chidambaram says because people have seen in this country how the economy got decayed, how it was destroyed during their (UPA's) 10-year government. Today they are seeing the difference," Javadekar told reporters here.

Chidambaram had on Saturday said that the 5.7 percent growth rate vindicates the UPA position that the decline in GDP growth had been halted in the middle of 2013-14 as also its forecast that the upturn will take place in the beginning of 2014-15.

Hitting out, Javadekar said that the Modi government has put an end to the phenomenon of "policy paralysis" witnessed under UPA rule.

"Now, there is no policy paralysis. Decisions are taken and they are getting reflected in the buoyancy of the economy.

"If that is happening, it is the Modi government which is doing it. If Congress still wants to say it happened because of them (UPA)... in democracy, everybody is free (to express views), but nobody will buy those," Javadekar said.

Refuting BJP's argument, the senior Congress leader said, "Can the Modi government name one measure that was implemented after May 26 that yielded results by June 30? It cannot.

Hence, the credit for Q1 (gorwth) belongs entirely to the UPA government. NDA should stop being churlish and give credit where it is due."

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