Lahore: The PCB has rejected most of the recommendations and suggestions of the ICC`s Task Force on Pakistan cricket and described its report as "faulty, superfluous and full of factual errors".

In a hard hitting response to the PTT report, the PCB said that it appeared to be more of a scholarly exercise than being Pakistan specific.

"The entire report has been prepared without PTT ever visiting Pakistan (except for a brief chat of a few hours that David Richardson had with a few ex-players during his visit to Karachi in January 2011 or perhaps some input to PTT from Ramiz)," the Pakistan Cricket Board response said.

"This raises serious questions on the observations given in the report," it added.

The special task force was constituted by the International Cricket Council after the Sri Lankan team was attacked by militants in Lahore in March, 2009.

Initially, it was suppose to review only the security situation in Pakistan and suggest ways for international teams to resume touring Pakistan but later its mandate was increased to include other cricket related issues in the country.

Last year the ICC even threatened to penalise the PCB if it failed to implement some of the reforms suggested by it in its initial findings.

The final report, submitted at the ICC executive council meeting, had particularly hit out at the involvement of the President of Pakistan in cricket matters and the unilateral powers enjoyed by the Chairman of the Board.

It also made recommendations on other issues including selection matters, appointment of managers and central contracts - something that didn`t go down well with the PCB.

The PCB complaint that the PTT report had also expressed reservations on the authority of the President of Pakistan in appointment of the PCB Chairman and members of Governing Board.

"The circumstances in Pakistan are unique and cricket administration requires and deserves government support without which international cricket may not be able to return to Pakistan. Keeping in view the extraordinary security situation in the country, having the President as Patron of PCB adds tremendous value and comfort," the PCB said.

"It further reminds the PTT that this system is in place since PCB became full-member of ICC and it should be appreciated that a system which has propelled Pakistan to the top of the cricket world has been in place for approximately 60 years and cannot certainly be labelled as `faulty,` it added.

The PCB noted that number of recommendations in the PTT report are incorrect, superfluous or redundant.

"For instance the number of contracted players mentioned in PTT`s report is incorrect and the observation that PCB does not have a Public Comment Policy is also not true."

The PCB said the PTT report that the selection committee is not independent is also incorrect.

"The PCB response clarifies that selection committee is independent and the procedure of their appointment, their domain, functions and duties are documented quite contrary to what PTT report asserts.”

"Regrettably, PTT did not meet the chairman of selection committee to get his views. The process of selection is such that the selectors finalise a team which is sent to PCB chief for his formal approval. In case there are any queries with regard to any player, the same is sent back to the selection committee for their comments but it is entirely up to the committee to finalise the squad," PCB said.