"I appeal to all concerned, particularly to all the Indians, to give all help in any manner they can for helping the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who are their own brothers and sisters and are suffering because of this recent terrible tragedy," he said in a statement.
Stating that the Jammu and Kashmir government will set up a nodal agency in the national capital within a day or two to help people make donations, Katju said that there was a need to provide clean water, high-nutrition biscuits, chocolates and blankets.     

Besides, purifying tables in large quantities and food should be sent to the affected people, he said, describing the calamity the ‘worst’ to have hit the state in a century.
"As a Kashmiri myself and an Indian and a human being, I regard it my duty to help which I am doing by issuing this appeal to all Indian and all people in the world," he said.
While several agencies are working round the clock doing rescue work, a central coordination agency will also be set up by the state government soon, he said.

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