"The (PDP) party decided not to hold its foundation day celebrations in view of the happy coincidence of it falling in the festival season," a spokesman of the party said.
The PDP founder and patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in a statement expressed satisfaction at the steady growth of the party as a platform for change in Jammu and Kashmir.
"The credit goes to the disciplined, dedicated and ideologically motivated cadre of the party and people living in all regions of the state," Sayeed said.
He said the party has now emerged as a respectable voice from the state that channelises the aspirations of the people across regions, religions and communities, representing the beautiful mosaic of the diversity of J&K.
He said the agenda of the PDP could to a large extent respond to the complex problems of the state, faced as it is with decades long political uncertainty, development deficit, unfulfilled aspirations, mounting unemployment and corruption.
The former chief minister said while the performance of the party in the recent Lok Sabha elections represents a watershed in the state's political and democratic history, it also come as a challenge to its leadership and cadres.
"The Lok Sabha elections represented the crucial step forward in investing the electoral process in the state with much needed credibility and one can hope it serves to inspire the people to exercise their franchise more effectively in order to shape a new future for the state," he said.