Misgovernance and trust deficit were hallmarks of the coalition government, PDP patriarch Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said welcoming NC leader Harmesh Singh Slathia and his supporters into the party-fold in Jammu.
"The achievement of the NC-led government during its 5-year rule has been a big zero. The dispensation has failed on all fronts," he said
"Encourging corruption, promoting nepotism and abusing the state apparatus are the only noticeable achievements of the government," he said.
The state government had miserably failed in carrying forward the process of peace and reconciliation initiated by the previous PDP-Congress government, Sayeed said.
"The current dispensation has failed to connect itself with the masses," he said
Alienation among people had been increasing with each passing day due to widening of gap between commoners and the ruling elite, the PDP leader said.
Slathia said that he had joined the PDP due to its constructive policies and programmes.


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