"The PDP sought votes in Kashmir to checkmate and keep BJP out of power while the BJP did the opposite in Jammu and appealed to the voters to keep PDP out of power," President Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Gulam Ahmed Mir told reporters here this evening.

However, they took a "u-turn" surrendering their respective ideological and other positions to various issues, which shows their sheer opportunism of both parties for power, Mir said.

The former minister questioned the BJP over its stand on abrogation of Article 370, AFSPA, refugees of POK and West Pakistan and especially their slogan of 'Eik Vidhan, Eik Nishan and Eik Pardhan' as well as on cross border terrorism.

"Where are these issues now. BJP has dumped them in dustbin for power," he said.

Mir said that the present combination is an alliance for sharing power only, leaving behind their core ideological and fundamental issues of their respective electorate.

"The opportunistic and unholy alliance of the two ideologically opposite forces has been exposed before the people in a very short span," he alleged adding that the two parties have betrayed their electorate for the sake of power whom they exploited during elections against each other.

Mir asked the party leaders to work unitedly at all the levels to strengthen the party and to fulfil the mission of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the state.

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