Pebble Time is one of two new versions of the smartwatch running the latest OS and a color screen. The Pebble Time uses a new interaction paradigm based on a timeline of events, letting users glance ahead at what is coming up and look back at what has already happened at any time during the day.

The Pebble Time works with both iOS and Android devices. It is retailing for US $200 at launch. The smartwatch comes with black, white and red color options for the band and case.

With an always-on color E-Paper display, up to 7 day battery life, durable glass lens, and thin, curved ergonomic design, Pebble Time keeps users connected while living in the moment.

Pebble’s new timeline interface turns moments you care about—notifications, calendar events, weather, sports scores, breaking news, missed calls, app alerts—into pins that let you see what’s ahead or catch up on what’s already happened. Timeline gives you the info you need, when you want it–so you can live “now” to the fullest.

Pebble Time works with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Whichever your device preference–we’ve got you covered. Teh smartwatch comes with many apps from Jawbone, Fitocracy, Runkeeper and Misfit.