"People of Delhi are waking up to the idea of using bicycles as an alternative mode of transport for short-distance trips. They are rediscovering the passion of exploring unknown lanes via bicycles and trying to reduce their carbon footprints," says Nalin Sinha, the founder of Delhi Cycling Club.

"But the absence of safe cycle-friendly lanes in the city continues to be a major hindrance in the endeavour. It is high time the government takes it up as its priority. As per our estimates, less than 1 per cent of the city transport budget is required for building such lanes on arterial roads," he said.

Delhi Cycling Club, one of the numerous cycling clubs that have sprung up in the city, offers group rides and 'climate rides' for a distance of 10-40 kilometres.
"We are an organisation with 1,200 members divided into various sub-groups. We organise weekly rides for our members in various parts of the city. We are currently into the fifth edition of our 'Climate ride', wherein we invite environmentalists, citizens, policy makers and other stakeholders for creating climate awareness followed by signing a pledge," Sinha said.
For a city known for poor pedestrian care, the task of inspiring cycling can be a tough nut to crack. But the clubs beg to differ.

"The mindset of the people towards climate conservation has changed manifold. The only thing that is pulling them back is the absence of a proper mechanism. They are not aware of the right platforms," says Jack Leenaars, founder-director of DelhiByCycle.
Leenaars, a former journalist, had quit his career in media and started DelhiByCycle in 2009. The company on Sunday designs cycling routes for people in the city, especially for the tourists.

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