Gramalaya has been champion in the work of sanitation and hygiene in Tiruchirappalli and an approved key resource centre of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India. The collaboration between Gramalaya and Pehel will create and promote clean and green environment.

Pehel has signed another MOU with Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd and IIT Delhi as lead technical partner on sanitation and hygiene. Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd designs, develops and disseminates safe, sustainable and culturally appropriate sanitation solutions so that communities experience better health and abundance of pure water bodies is restored.

Ekam’s approach to sanitation recognizes the opportunity to provide water less urinals, source-separation toilets and nutrient recovery reactors with the additional feature of making every effort to break the pathogen cycle and close the nutrient cycle. The overall approach is to close the sanitation-agriculture loop.

Both the MOUs are a small step to make India an Open Defecation Free country. Let theses collaboration demonstrate many models of replications.