London: Spanish actress, Penenlope Cruz, who received ‘Hollywood Walk Of Fame' star, said when she first came to Hollywood, she only knew two English sentences -'How do you do?' and 'I want to work with Johnny Depp'.

The 36-year-old Spanish beauty, who welcomed a son with her movie star husband Javier Bardem, was accompanied by Depp and Rob Marshall during the unveiling of her star outside the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Cruz credited Depp as being the one who helped her learn English when she first moved to Los Angeles, the Daily Mail reported.

"I want to thank the man with the hat. Let me tell you about the man with the hat. I came to Los Angeles for the first time in 1994, I spoke no English. I only knew how to say two things, two sentences. One was, 'How are you?', the other one was, 'I want to work with Johnny Depp.

"In the last 10 years I have worked with him twice and that has improved my English, so now I know how to say, 'I want to work with Johnny Depp again! Thank you Johnny for your friendship, your friendship, your talent, you are such an inspiration to so many of us, always," Cruz said.

The 'Vanilla Sky' star also thanked her Pirates of the Caribbean director Rob Marshall, who gave the actress a glowing review as he introduced her to the stage.

Following the ceremony, Cruz embraced Depp for a cuddle before leaving with Bardem.

The Oscar-winning actress is the 2,436 person in the entertainment industry to receive the top honour of a star.