Bhopal: Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh, responding to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's comment that he was not taken seriously even by the Congress, on Sunday said that people make statement like this if they want to avoid replying to charges made against them.
Singh had levelled some corruption charges against the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh few days back and when reporters asked the State Chief Minister Chouhan to respond to those charges, he had said that Singh was not taken seriously even by the Congress and hence there was no need to reply to what he had said.
"I am quite sure that no Congressman at any level has ever said or issued a statement that the party does not take me seriously," Singh said.
The Congress General Secretary said by saying that the party does not take him seriously, they avoid to respond to the charges made against them, adding this was similar to some people saying that he should be sent to a mental hospital.
"In both cases, the people who say such things either do not have the answers to my questions or even if they do, they find it uncomfortable to reply to me," he said.
Singh said that he had been a Congress General Secretary for many years and has been in-charge of a number of states and presently he is holding charge of Assam and Uttar Pradesh.
"I do not think that the Congress is a party which will have as its General Secretary a person whom it does not take seriously," he said.