London: Wealthy areas report higher rates of promiscuity than middle and lower class suburbs, according to an Australian married dating site.

The website has revealed data on where their members are living; with a majority of the 'cheating' suburbs located in high-income areas.

While Woollahra, Bondi, Coogee, Palm Beach and Manly made the top of the list - working class areas such as Penrith also recorded a high level of people wanting to cheat on their partner.

Penrith also had the highest percentage of female users of the affairs website, with Palm Beach coming in with the most male users. founder and CEO Noel Biderman said he wasn’t surprised that Bondi was on the list, but more family orientated places such as Woollahra were more of a shock.

“The fact is affluent bored housewives often have the desire to spice up their relationships too,” a major newspaper quoted him as saying.


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