"Those who are conspiring to finish of rhinos, they should listen to this carefully. After May 16, they will be taken to task one by one (chun chun ke hisab liya jayega)," Modi said at a public meeting.
"Aren't rhinos the pride of Assam? These days there is a conspiracy to kill it. I am making the allegation very seriously. People sitting in the government, to save
Bangladeshis, they are doing this conspiracy to kill rhinos so that the area becomes empty and Bangladeshis can be settled there," Modi said during a public meeting.
The BJP's prime ministerial candidate said that Rhino is attached to the pride of Assam. "Killing it and the indulgence of responsible people, the country will never tolerate these incidents," he added.
He said that local people are getting unemployed as people migrating from Bangladesh are taking up jobs and it was the demand of time that these intrusions be stopped.
"We have to save the future of Assam. It is our responsibility to save it from forces which are looting the state," Modi said.
Modi said that the youth today wants employment, poor want food and shelter, old people want medicines, children need education and clean drinking water.
"Even after 60 years of Independence, if we cannot give it to the people of the country, then the people will never forgive these governments," he added.
Referring to the abundance of gas and petroleum in Assam, Modi said that despite its availability, its development has not taken place.
He said that the government has not been able to utilise the money coming out of royalty for the development of common people.


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