New Delhi: Every smoker in the corporate sector wastes around 110 minutes in his/her eight hour work shift. The startling revelation was made by a recent study conducted by Max Hospital in five top corporate companies of the country. The study was conducted on 500 males and females aged between 19 and 45 years.

Around 20 percent employees of the corporate sector smoke and they go out of the office for at least eight times in day. Every time they go out for a smoke break, it takes ten minutes for them to return back. This culture has transformed into a major concern for the corporate sector.

The study also reveals that people are unable to give up smoking as they fear separation from their close friends. The study clearly indicated that country’s youth was addicted to smoking. It was also stated that 40 percent youth working in the corporate sector were unaware of smoking and non-smoking areas in their respective offices. The survey also said that 67 percent people did not care about work getting affected due to their addiction.

One of the prominent members to participate in the study, Dr Sameer Parekh said that youth who get addicted to smoking fall in trap of cancer and complain of coughing at later stages. “Apart from health loss, they also have to face financial burden. Still, people are not aware about the implications,” said Dr Parekh.

“Around 80 people in the survey said that they tried quitting the habit without any support but they could not derive any positive result,” he added.

According to people, they want to quit smoking but are unable to do so due to fear of separation from friends and co-workers.