Mumbai: With the sixth season of Bigg Boss almost around the corner, Salman Khan is all geared up to take up the reigns as the show’s host once again. Interestingly this time, the actor has decided to make certain changes to the show’s format to make the content more audience-friendly. However, Sallu points out that he has absolutely no hand in deciding who gets into the Bigg Boss house.

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A change in format... why?

I thought that on last year’s show, there was too much screaming and shouting in the house. That is why it was pushed to the 11 pm time slot indicating that the show is damaging to our culture. I wanted it to be a family entertainer so that people from the age group of six to 60 can watch it.

Do you have a say on who gets selected for the show?

No I don’t get into that. Too many people keep asking me to recommend their names. Then it becomes difficult for me to either choose or drop them. During the last season too, I got to know people once I had shot with them.

But don’t you think certain people on the show become the victims of circumstances?

The actual personality of a person tends to come through in such situations. Some of them act, some don’t. Some former housemates have confessed to me that after two or three days in the house, they did not feel the cameras around them anymore. We are trying to bring well-behaved people on our show this time but we cannot guarantee if they will remain so inside the house.

This season will also have a common man in the house.

People who work for social causes are welcome to join the house. If you have done good work but people don’t know about it, you can apply.

Will you miss Sanjay Dutt this year?

Yes, I will miss him. Last year I got busy with my work and this year he is busy with his film commitments.


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