Seeking decisive mandate of the people in the upcoming Assembly polls, PDP chief Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said, "The change was the order of the day and people of the state were looking towards PDP to change the present corrupt system."
He was addressing a public meeting at Batote area of Ramban district.
Alleging that NC-led coalition has failed to carry forward the equitable development agenda, Mufti said PDP will formulate a comprehensive policy for inclusive growth of the state.
"It is my desire to establish a system where every section of the society would get justice and equal opportunities for development and economic growth," he said.
He also slammed the state government for ‘backwardness’ of the Chenab Valley, saying that it was the result of ‘wrong policies’ adopted by the successive National Conference regimes.
Chenab Valley comprising hilly areas of Doda, Ramban and Kishtwar has huge tourism and power generation potential and there was a need to explore this potential to improve socio-economic conditions of the people of these areas.
"We will develop this region as independent tourist destination to attract maximum number of tourists from inside and outside the country. Besides water reservoir of Baglihar hydro-electric project would also be utilized for adventurous water sports," Mufti said.
Pointing towards huge potential of power generation in this region, the PDP patron strongly demanded that locals should be given priority in the new hydro-electric projects in this belt.
"Instead of appointing locals on petty jobs, the agencies engaged in hydro-electric projects must open training centres to train the local unemployed youth so as to engage them on technical jobs," he said.


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