“Modi forgets that Sheikh Abdullah chose a secular India rather than Muslim Pakistan & then spent 2 decades incarcerated but didn't waver,” Omar said on microblogging site Twitter.

“If there is one thing Kashmir & Kashmiris don't need from Modi it's a lecture on secularism. Kashmir gave the world Kashmiryat & tolerance,” he added.

Omar further said, “In 1947 when Hindu Muslim violence swept the country as far north as Jammu Kashmir was a beacon of tolerance, an example to the rest.”

“Lastly if Modi lies so much about J&K & it's absence of reservation, RTI. education Etc what else is he lying about when he speaks?” he added.

READ MORE: Modi launches no holds barred attack on Farooq Abdullah, accuses his family of communalising J & K

Hitting back at National Conference chief for saying those voting for him should drown in the sea, Modi earlier accused Farooq Abdullah's family of communalizing politics in Jammu and Kashmir.

"I want to tell Farooq Abdullah (that) secularism is not only in our constitution but also in our veins," Modi said in a statement.

He slammed Abdullah family for the exodus of Hindus from the Kashmir Valley.

Modi said the ‘biggest harm on secular fabric’ was done in Jammu and Kashmir due to the politics of ‘your father, yourself and your son’.

"It is due to your politics and the politics of your son that Kashmir is the only land from where Pandits were removed solely for their religion. The land of Sufism and harmony has been made communal due to your politics," he said.


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