New Delhi: In a measure to give Delhi a facelift, DDA has decided to review the Master Plan 2021 to remove some bottlenecks developed while carrying it. The opinions of people and experts would also be taken into consideration in order to execute the work properly.  

In the past two meetings, the suggestions of the people were discussed and it was decided that the review of the master plan would be completed in next two years.

At the time of the formulation of the master plan, there was no provision for amendment but after facing bottlenecks, it was decided that there should be space for reviewing the Master plan 2021.

In this regard, two meetings with the Lt. Governor have already been held. In the meeting group of experts has been constituted who would scan the plan for bettering it.

However, development work has started under the Master Plan. Some work has been completed on the urban extension road, while illegal encroachment is posing some trouble. 

As per the plan, people’s opinions would be taken regarding the development of the Old Delhi areas where there are many cases of property disputes. In this regard, people can give their suggestions in written directly to the DDA’s Planning Commission.

(JPN/ Bureau)