London: Most of the people set their bookshelves with almost 80 never read book, just to look intelligent. Recent research has found.

The survey showed that four out of ten Britons confessed that the books kept in their shelves are purely for show purpose to keep up their appearances, with fifty seven per cent of these unopened books being literary classics.

The Lindeman's Wine research also found that 'Pride and Prejudice' is the book that tops the list of the books people generally lie about reading followed by the 'Lord of the Rings'.

It further revealed that forty seven percent of people prefer trashy novels written by 'guilty pleasure' authors when it comes to their choice of reading, but keep them away from displaying on their shelves, the Daily Mail reported.

Works we want to be seen reading as per the survey

1. Pride & Prejudice

2. Sense & Sensibility

3. Jane Eyre

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

5. Wuthering Heights

'Guilty pleasure' authors as per the survey

1. Sophie Kinsella

2. Jodi Picoult

3. Jackie Collins

4. Helen Fielding

5. Danielle Steele