Q: You have given title to your book 'I- an Indian'. Any special reason behind it?

A: I am an Indian first and religion comes later. For me, country comes before religion.

Q: What reactions you are getting after the book launch?

A: I have been receiving reactions from the day one. Those who are not agree to my views are quite annoyed with me.

Q: Nation came to know about you when you took Barack Obama to the grave of Dara Shikoh. A controversy erupted as well. Can you please tell the main reason behind the dispute?

A: I couldn't understand that is it a crime to speak about good people? It's an irony that everyone vociferously speaks about Aurangzeb but nobody chooses to speak about Dara Shikoh. I always believe that we must speak about Dara Shikoh instead of Aurangzeb.

Q: After the launch of your book, there has been a buzz in the town that you are supporting Hindu organisations. What's your views on that?

A: It's not so. When you either speak the truth or get the wrong deeds stopped, controversies are bound to surface. I stopped the authorities form illegal construction during my tenure in Agra in Uttar Pradesh and Sasaram in Bihar. My colleague Shravan Kumar was attacked following this incident. Later, we moved the court which ordered to stop the illegal construction of a temple.  

Q: In you book, you have manifested Leftist historians' negative attitude towards Ram temple issue. On which ground, have you written this?

A: I believe that the Leftist historians have created hurdles over the issue. As long as these people are attached with the Ram temple issue, situation will remain complicate. In fact, those Leftists who ruled out the evidences of Ram temple at Ayodhya include no senior archaeologist except  Surajbhan. Most of them are historians who are unaware of the evidences found during the excavation. They have always been presenting the facts under negative light.

Q: Leftists talk about evidences of Budhdha and Jain in Ayodhya, not Ram temple?

A: Ayodhya may be an sacred place for Buddhists and Jainis but not as much as it is for Hindus.

Q: Do you think that the Ram temple issue can be resolved?

Yes, not only Ram temple but other issues can also get resolved if both the Hindu and Muslim communities sit together  keeping the Leftists aside. Only when the country will prosper.

Q: Have you said about the evidence of a temple beneath Taj Mahal?

A: I had never said that there was a temple beneath Taj Mahal. I say something on the basis of facts and archaeological evidences.

Q: If you haven't said then what is the truth?

A: I got stopped the illegal construction by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) near a temple in Agra. Protesters burnt my effigy in Agra and ransacked the office at Mall Road.

Q: There has been talks regarding the presence of a temple beneath the Qutub Minar. What's your take on that?

There is no proof of a temple in Qutub Minar. Yes, the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque in the premises of Qutub Minar is built with broken pillars. Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque has been constructed through demolition of 27 Hindu temples. I am saying this referring to a report submitted by ASI. Anybody can visit and see.

Q: During your deployment in Delhi, you ordered to demolish 'Kunti temple' situated at the Old Qila. What was the reason?

A: See, I oppose whatever is illegal. I had taken action on the illegal construction near Kunti temple. It was I who ordered to ban offering nawaj prayer in Jamali Kamali tomb in Mehrauli. Because a group of people had encroached four tombs in Mehrauli in the name of namaz prayer. They were vacated and sealed. People must understand that I have nothing to do with Hindu Muslim communities. I talk about neither Hindu nor Muslim. I talk only about evidences.  

Q: Did controversy erupt over Sarnath too?

There was no controversy on Sarnath. Then VHP chief Ashok Singhal came in support of Buddhists and wanted a separate entrance for Sri Lankan Buddhists in the tomb. This was against the norms. We didn't do that. Ashok Singhal visited Saranath twice. But we refused to accept his demand. Additional Director SB Mathur met me on behalf of the then Union Minister Murli Manohar Joshi over the issue.

Q: Was you tortured over not complying with minister's order?

A: Absolutely not, I never opposed anything out of personal animosity. I never did anything against the norms.

In which languages you are getting your book published?

A: I am trying to get it published in Hindi and English.

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