The AMC aims to improve civic sense of the people of Ahmedabad. Under this scheme, every toilet visitor will be paid Rs one.  The AMC has spotted most filthy 67 public places for the pilot project. Presently, the corporation is operating 300 public toilets in the city.

According to AMC, this scheme is quite economic in comparison to spending huge amount incurred on other sanitary campaigns. Also, it has planned to raise funds from advertisements. Meanwhile, corporation will impose heavy fine on offenders. The AMC said money matters in India. The 'concept to pay toilet visitors' is getting people's attention, said the AMC.

According to a recent survey by NGO, around 70,000 people in the state's commercial capital Ahmedabad defecate at open place and the city needs 80,000 toilets to check the menace.

In order to achieve the similar objectives, the Bangalore Municipal Corporation and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation have built air-conditioned toilets to draw maximum visitors. The motive of these unique schemes aims at making people aware of using public toilets.

For the first time, 'paying toilet' concept was started in neighbouring country Nepal. The face of Darechowk in Katmandu has dramatically changed after the implementation of this unique idea.

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