Another youth joins the discussion and says that he wants change. Actually, the people of Bihar, a state where caste-based factors play a crucial role in determining the poll outcome, are upset over certain reasons. Provided they get a ‘free hand’, they are likely to seek a solution to their problems through elections.

Ramkishor Yadav, the elderly man, who eventually opens up, is a landless farmer and his slippers made up of tyre reflect his plight in a distinct manner. He works in farms owned by others and earns wage. One being asked what he thinks about the elections, he said, “I have seen government from Delhi to Patna and the one which delivers deserves to win. Which did what for us and who would we rally for?”

Probably, on realizing his compulsions, he said, “Tell me one thing, one needs to follow the way where 10 other people are going…”

A youth interrupts soon and says, “Vote for whomsoever you want. Who will stop you?”

The youth, Vivek Kumar reaches the tea stall along with his friends, who works in Vodafone tower. He says, “We hear speeches of politicians….what was said about army….that if one works in Army, he should be ready to die…tomorrow even we may join Army.”

Vivek was referring to the controversial remarks of a Bihar minister, who instead of paying obituary to bodies of defence personnel killed on border came out with an objectionable comment.

Vivek and Ramkishor represent two different generations. It’s clear that their thought process is also different. One is yearning for change and makes his craving clear and does not even hesitate to reveal whom he voted for.

The elderly person also wants change but is bound by certain social compulsions. This represents the difference in thought among Bihar’s populace.

Though there is an influence of caste-based factors, youth are looking for options. They are well-aware of the difference and rights of the Central and state g0vernment.

Once the conversation came to an end, the shopkeeper with a smile on his face said, “Babuji (boy) isn’t wrong and so is the elderly man. We need employment. My son runs the shop along with me and who would want even his grandson to take up the same profession? Development should take place and the one who would do it deserves votes.”


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