The election results of the five states are a big surprise that neither anybody had imagined such a landslide victory of Mamata Banerjee, nor had anybody pre-empted Karunanidhi would be battered by Jayalalithaa, the way it happened. In the same way, nobody thought that Tarun Gogoi would return to power for the third time in a row and interestingly with a two-third majority. Of course victory of the Congress-led UDF in Kerala was already measured, but under the leadership of incumbent Chief Minister Achutanandan, who fell out with favours within his own party, the LDF unexpectedly gave a close fight to the UDF. Puduchery came up with the most expected results. As it has always followed the election trends in the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu. However, it’s remarkable feat that the same Rangasamy, who was booted out of the Congress, in alliance with AIADMK ensured defeat of the former. The present election results are much more than a simple arithmetic which manifests the rise and fall of political parties and leaders. The results are of clear indication that people are not ready to tolerate misgovernance anymore. One should not be surprised that Karunanidhi lost the political battle despite bribing the electorate. Eventually, the congress too burnt its hand in the process. It’s a positive sign that the election results falsified the assessment of political pundits that 2G spectrum scam would be an issue only for voters in the urban areas of Tamil Nadu. In fact such assessments deserve to be ignored completely.

It is wise to say, West Bengal was a misgoverned state, though the scale of misrule may not be of that in Tamil Nadu. It is difficult to find an anecdote to match the way Mamata single-handedly disseminated the lawlessness and tyrannical rule of the Left Front. The end of 34-year rule of Left in west Bengal is a historic moment not only for India, but it has global ramifications too. Mamata’s victory is charismatic in true sense because she is the first woman to have touched the pinnacle of political success all on her own. If the Left Front, which is now in power only in Tripura and could manage to put up a fight in Kerala, does not appreciate the fundamental lesson that mere sloganeering does not serve the interests of people, it stands the risk of devaluation even at the ideological level. The fact that Mamata is aware of her challenges ahead is also indicative of positive sign, but things will be rosy only if she takes up those challenges successfully. There is no doubt that Mamata who has been anointed as the ‘tigress of Bengal’ is a street fighter, but she has to prove herself as a good administrator. She should follow leaders like Tarun Gogoi, who through his government has shown that if the interest of a common man is taken care of, anti-incumbency becomes miniscule during elections. Actually all the politicians should take lessons from Gogoi’s victory because the results of assembly election of the five states clearly signify that the politicians cannot befool the voters by making hollow promises any more.