The assembly results in the five states that went to the polls have thrown up many surprises this time. Most importantly it has proved the poll predictions wrong. The poll results establish the fact that gauging public mood is not an easy task and will remain so in the future. The sweeping victory of Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh and return of Shiromani Akali Dal –BJP to power in Punjab decried all poll calculations. BJP as expected emerged victorious in Goa and Congress in Manipur. Whereas, in Uttarakhand both the Congress and the BJP are neck and neck. But the poll results in UP brought shame for both the parties. No matter what excuses they give for their debacle in UP the fact remains that they failed to determine the mood of the people. Considering the assembly polls as the run up to the general elections, the BJP and the Congress in Uttar Pradesh has failed to instill faith among the voters that they are capable enough to form a government. Considered as national parties the defeat of the Congress and the BJP in one of the most politically important state has raised some serious questions. They have to mend ways in order to fair well in the general elections scheduled to be held in 2014.

Hadn’t there been factionalism within the BJP, the party could have done far better. No matter what the Congress leaders say for their defeat in UP, Rahul Gandhi should be held responsible. Rahul not only needs to change his political advisors but his strategies as well and learn a little from his adversary Akhilesh Yadav. Rahul was dwarfed by Akhilesh in every aspect in the UP polls. SP victory in the state indicates that the people were ready to dethrone Mayawati. The BSP rule in its last phases had become an example of misgovernance for which Mayawati is only to be blamed. In spite of Maywati’s dominance in the state she turned a blind eye to corruption and misgovernance. Mulayam Singh before coming to power had realized that his defeat in 2007 was an outcome of the arbitrary attitude of his party leaders which needed to be mended. Now Mulayam Singh has to ensure that people breaking the law must be put behind bars.  In fact the law and order should be such that no one could dare to violate them.