Remove gently from the packet with tweezers as false lashes are very delicate. Measure the strip against the eye as one size does not fit all. And if they are too long, snip with nail scissors. Twirl the lashes around a pencil or something similar to gently break the spine so they will fit the shape of your lid.

Cover the length of the spine of the lashes with the glue provided and wait a couple of seconds for it to go tacky. Don't worry if the glue looks messy when applying as it will dry clear. Then, looking down your nose into a mirror, place one lash on the outer edge of your eye.

Next, press down over the top edge of your lash right along to your nose. Using a cotton bud you can push the lash right down into the base of your natural lash line so it holds better.

Apply the next one then add lots of mascara to your natural lashes to bond them to the false ones. Voila, you're ready to go!


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