New Delhi: The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday asked security agencies to take urgent steps in removing a ‘perceived bias’ sometimes against minorities as it would be otherwise inimical to effective policing.
Singh asked the Police Chiefs to consider ways and means to deal with the causes of such perceptions wherever they may.
Addressing a conference of DGPs and IGPs organised by the Intelligence Bureau, he said an issue which also figured at the recent meeting of the National Integration Council (NIC) was the ‘perceived bias’ sometimes of the law enforcement and investigation agencies against the minorities.
Singh said the existence of "such a perception is inimical to effective policing, which must necessarily draw upon the confidence and cooperation of all sections of the population it serves".
The Prime Minister also said the government is trying to address shortage of manpower in state police forces on a war footing.
"At the meeting of the National Integration Council last week, the need for a well-trained and equipped force to deal with riots was underscored. The Rapid Action Force has been discharging such a function with distinction," he said.
The Prime Minister said he would like the Conference to consider ways and means of scaling up the availability of such trained personnel and formations in the state police forces.
"Sometimes our security forces have to perforce serve in unfamiliar areas far away from their homes. They don’t have adequate understanding of local sensitivities and sometimes of the language as well," he said.
Singh said these can be ‘vital handicaps’ in earning the trust and confidence of local communities.
"I understand a number of steps have already been taken in this direction, but more needs to be done", he said.