New Delhi: The number of girls seeking higher education in India is increasing day by day but it is very disappointing to note that only a few of them are reaching top posts, as per a report by Mackenzie & company.

This is a sorry picture that has come out in the latest reports of an MNC called, Mackenzie &company. Not only this, girls even holding lower posts has not been much encouraging which pegs at a dismal 35 percent.

On the other, reports from China is a little bit encouraging where more than 76 percent women are in jobs which rates among the highest in the world.

In this regard, Professor of Social Studies faculty at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Ehsanul Hak said, “The number of educated women has escalated in India but they have been found to be less ambitious in comparison with their male counterparts. What is most distressing is that even after getting through the tests, they are always in a position to be questioned about their merit and the way they got through the test. On the other, Ranjana Kumari of Centre for Social Research said,” It has been observed on several occasions that women even don’t think about their promotions due to family reasons.

They fear that they might be transferred after their promotions. This is the reason putting women on par with male counterparts is among the 10 top agendas of various companies.

Increasing participation of women 

China: 9%

Australia: 12%

Singapore: 15%

Indonesia: 5%:

Women at top

IIM Bengaluru: 26%

IIM Kozhikode : 36%

IIM Ranchi: 39%


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