Here are some do's and don'ts for dip as suggested by McCain Foods Kitchen:

* Whip it for consistency: To make your dip creamy and smooth, whip it right. Beat your sauce, melt your cheese, add salt and sugar to taste. Mix all the ingredients for blending the taste and maintaining the consistency.

* Choose striking colours: The essence of serving snacks with dips lies in its appearance. Contrasting your snack with the dips will enhance the look thereby leaving your guests craving for more. For example, if you are serving green Hariyali Tikka, combine them with chilly red dips or mayonnaise.

* Enhance flavors: The purpose of a dip is to enhance the flavour of your snacks. You can combine ketchup and four different types of sauces and garnish it with coriander, onion and other herbs of your choice. You can make your dips - mild, hot or spicy by changing your ingredients accordingly.

* Lower the heat: When choosing a hot sauce ensure that the temperature is not too high as heat tends to diminish the taste of your savory snacks. Wedges and French fries for example are served hot for this reason. Therefore, it is always wise to have a dip which is neither too cold nor too hot.

* Freeze it for freshness: If you are making your dip hours ahead of your party time it would be good to preserve the freshness of your dip by storing it right. Refrigerating the dip in an air-tight container preserves the taste of spices. However, when you are making an instant dip by mixing your favorite sauces you can serve it right away.


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