Here we cite for you five tips to help you store your perfume the right way:

1. Keep it in dark:
Though the bottle of your favourite perfume comes with this note, but you tend to ignore it. Exposure to sunlight degrades the perfume and change its fragrance. To avoid this, keep your perfume in the closet or drawer.

2. Choose the perfume with right bottles:
At times we love to flaunt our perfume collection and display them on our dressing table. Using frosted or fully opaque bottles which help the perfume to observe less light.

3. Keep it dry
Many of us keep the perfumes on bathroom selves for a quick after-shower spritz. But the humidity in the bathroom is not good for perfume, it breakdown its content.

4. Do not keep the lid open for long
Close the lid of your perfume bottle immediately after using it. Exposing the bottle with open lid for long may deteriorate its quality.

5. Do not shake the bottle
Handle your perfume bottle with care and do not shake it abruptly before using.

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