Los Angeles: Supermodel Heidi Klum says perfume helps complete an outfit and is as important as fitted clothes.
The 38-year-old German beauty believes it's important for women to wear a good fragrance as it helps them feel more confident and sexy, reported a magazine.
"For me, perfume is something to complete the look. It's almost kind of like great underwear. No one can really see it but it makes you feel sassier and sexier," she said.
Klum recently launched her latest scent, Shine, and says it was hard to come up with a unique smell.
"It's complicated. I really tried to look for something that didn't exist, which is hard. I think 23 or 26 perfumes come out every year, and it's hard to come up with something you haven't smelled before. Shine is a little more modern, powdery, but spicy. It's a great marriage of sweet and spicy," she added.