In an effort to raise awareness about rape and sexism, a group of Jamia Millia Islamia students, who wish to remain anonymous, are sticking sanitary pads with feminist messages imprinting on them, across the university campus.
Some of the messages read:


“Period blood is not impure, your thoughts are."

“Menstruation is natural, rape is not.”


“Streets of Delhi belong to women too.”

“Rapists rape people, not outfits.”

“Kanya Kumari, Gandi soch tumhari".


 The message is trying to remove the stigma attached to periods, which is natural. The pads talk about sexism in everyday life and how rape culture affects people in our country? The students are focusing on promoting feminism and recognizing that it means equality.


 Their awareness campaign, however, is inspired from Germany and is part of a growing international campaign that took root online this International Women’s Day. Nevertheless, the students hope their efforts will make some differences in the way we talk about women’s issues.\


After the Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi University students are unduanted and has taken promise to take the campaign to the the streets of Delhi. Just like the original concept which was originally started by German artist Elone Kastratia. DU students are sticking sanitary pads scribbling bold feminist notes on them and putting up them on the walls and trees of the campus.

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