Here, we bring you benefits of being a vegetarian.

1. Keeps your weight down.
Isn't it the best reason? Over the years, research has been showing that vegetarians tend to be learner than non-vegetarians and they also have lower cholesterol and body mass index (BMI).
2. Better mood (Who doesn't want that?)

Here is the solution for all that anger and sudden mood swings that you go through. A research shows that people on vegetarian diet have reported more mood improvements than non-vegetarians.
3. Lower risk of cancer
Well, that is something everybody is afraid of. According to the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research, if we stop eating red meat, we will eliminate a risk of factor for colon cancer. Studies show that a vegetarian diet has protective benefits.

4. Reduces risk of cardiac events
Cholesterol is one of the top killer diseases and turning vegetarian is an excellent option. A study shows that vegetarians are 25 percent less likely to die of heart disease.

5. Live Long

Vegetarianism reduces blood pressure risk, diabetes risk and shields us from most killer diseases. A new study indicates that vegetarians live longer by 20 percent than the omnivores.

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