London (Agencies): High profile couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand three months marriage is on the rocks and Katy is reportedly seeking couples therapy.

They had married in Hindu ceremony which bound them to each other for eternity but now Perry is seeking a marriage counsellor to help smooth the predicaments in her marriage as the couple is living increasingly separate lives, according to media reports.

The trouble was first cited shortly after British comedian Brand tweeted an unappealing picture of his make-up free wife last month.

Perry just before heading out on a nine-month world tour has realised her relationship needs some attention.

The high profile couple had enjoyed a brief romance before getting engaged after just four months of dating in 2009.

They had lavish six-day celebration in India ten months later.

To add to their problems  they are going to be spending a lot of time seperately in the coming nine months with Perry away on her 'California Dreams' world tour which kicks off on February 20 and ends in November and Brand will be filming the movie 'Arthur' in New York at that time with co-star Jennifer Garner.

But Perry disclosed that she has scheduled in breaks to see one another during her 95-date international tour.

The popstar singer said she has planned it this way so that she gets the equivalent of one day off to see her husband for every two night she performs.